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About lisa


I am a graduate of Capilano’s Music Therapy Program in Vancouver, B.C., through which I was able to learn, develop and explore my passions in the areas of music and psychology. As a Music Therapist, I believe in the value and dignity of every person and the need for all people to have a voice and a means of self-expression in communicating their thoughts, feelings and desires. Music provides a universally enjoyable and expressive medium to explore and develop a person’s sense of self within the safety of a therapeutic relationship. I take a client-centred approach and strive to create a safe space where clients can explore their relationship with music and other people. This occurs alongside developing skills that promote and enhance a balanced and healthy life, positively contributing to personal well-being.


I believe in a patient and supportive teaching approach that allows students to progress at their own pace while challenging them in the areas where they need it. I’m happy to guide students in their preferred styles of music, whether pop, classical or anything in between. From the recreational player to the individual working intently to obtain certificates for their mastery of piano and theory exams, I offer an approach for everyone, with the aim to nurture well rounded musicians. I welcome students from ages 5 to adult, beginning at any time during the year.

Piano is my first love and my first formal lessons experience, however I have also played flute in school bands, musicales and ensembles, along with singing in youth and university choirs. I’m currently working on my guitar playing skills, and am committed to lifelong music learning and growth. I attend the Alberta Piano Teachers Association annual teaching conferences whenever possible, and enjoy reading books and articles for new tips to expand my teaching knowledge and expertise.



What People Are Saying

My grandson enjoys his piano lessons very much, and he always wants to know when it’s Tuesday!! Thank you for taking him as a student! You are such a kind encouraging person and I know you are a wonderful teacher!

Melody Nikish

Shelly's Finds, Stony Plain, AB

For three years Lisa has been teaching our children piano. Lisa is organized, professional, and dedicated to helping her students love and learn piano. She is very musically gifted and has a unique ability to share it with her students. Our kids are always excited to go to piano as Lisa is very warm and personable. We appreciate the time and thought Lisa puts into her lessons and feel grateful that our kids have the opportunity to learn from her.

Jamie and Shelley Irvine

Spruce Grove, AB

Lisa is an excellent piano teacher. She is very kind, extremely patient, enthusiastic and accommodating. We are so very impressed with the progress of our daughter’s piano skills. Lisa’s teaching is tailored to each individual student and we couldn’t be happier with the relationship and the results we are seeing in our daughter’s musical education. Thank you Lisa!

Colleen and Brandon D

Stony Plain, AB

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