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Piano Lesson Registration Form

Piano Lesson Registration Form

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Student’s Name
Parent/Guardian Names (for youth)
Preferred method of contact:
What type of piano do you own?
Does it have at least 1 pedal?
If you have a keyboard, does it have weighted keys?
Please contact me if you’re not sure about this.
If you have and upright / grand piano, is it tuned on a regular basis?
Please contact me if you’re not sure about this.
Piano Lesson Location
If having taken lessons for more than a few years, is the student interested in pursuing Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) or Conservatory Canada (CC) piano/theory exams?
Are you interested in putting your name and contact info on a list with others if you need to swap your lesson time with another person?
Is the student interested in playing duets or small ensembles with other players of similar ability level?
Are you interested in continuing with lessons throughout the summer (only for Spruce Grove students)?
For Christmas and June Recitals, please choose any options that will work for you.
Piano Policy (Important, Please Read!)
Practicing – It is a lot of fun to play the piano for enjoyment, self-expression and to develop musical skills, however it does takes discipline and consistent practice. My recommendation for students of all ages is to aim to practice 5 days/week (or more), and the amount per day will depend on the age of each student. I realize that some weeks are busier than others, however consistency is the key, even if the duration is shorter due to a busy week. Practice times can be broken down into two segments of shorter duration, if this is better for a students’s attention span and ability to stick with it.

Involvement of Parents – For parents of younger children (8 and under) I recommend that parents stay closely involved in their child’s practice schedule. This may look like sitting down next to the piano and helping them with their practicing. Parents (with kids of any age) are welcome to sit in the lesson in order to know how to best support their child in their learning.

Calendar – I follow the school calendar, so there will be no lessons during Fall and Spring break, Easter Weekend, teachers’ convention and Christmas break. I will still be teaching on PD days that land on a Friday, as long as they aren’t connected to one of the major school breaks.

Lesson Cancellation/Sickness – You may cancel a lesson last minute for any reason, however there will be no reimbursement for that lesson. Emergency situations will be dealt with on an individual basis. If the student is late to the lesson, the lesson will still end at the scheduled time.

Please stay home if you or your child is sick, and I will do the same if I am sick. Lessons cancelled due to illness will be rescheduled at another time during the year. If it is a minor illness and the student feels that they can still participate, there is the option to move to an online lesson.

If you know in advance (1 week or more) that you will not be able to make your lesson, please let me know and then you won’t be charged for that lesson. I’m fine to make this exception once per semester (September to January and February to June).

Termination of Lessons – Please provide 2 weeks notice if you decide that you are not interested in continuing with lessons. This will allow us to open a spot for a new participant as soon as possible.

Payment – Payment can be can be sent by e-transfer (, cheque or cash. Payment is due on or before your first lesson of each month, for the total number of lessons in that month.

Media – Parent and/or Student hereby consents to and authorizes capture and use video-audio recordings and photographic images of Student and Student’s musical performances and quoted statements in print, electronic, or online media, for educational and program promotional purposes. Please let us know additionally, if you would like to cancel participation in media.

Liability – You release Lisa Jespersen, Parkland County, and Keephills Community Association, and any of its employees or agents representing or related to Parkland County and Keephills Community Association from all liability relating to injuries and/or illnesses that may occur during activity participation. By accepting this agreement, I agree to hold the above mentioned parties entirely free from any and all liability for personal injuries and/or illnesses (including death), financial responsibility for injuries and/or illnesses incurred, regardless of whether injuries and/or illnesses are caused by negligence, and property losses or damage occasioned by or in connection with any activity or accommodations for this program.
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